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Real Property Management LP Welcomes
New Franchisee, RPM Wealth Builders,
to its Expanding Network on The East Coast.

Century 21 Canada

Sept 13, 2022

CENTURY 21 Argos Realty opens in Calgary on July 1, 2021.

Calgary, A.B. (June, 2022) – The newest addition to the CENTURY 21 Canada family, CENTURY 21 Argos Realty, is set to open this summer with Karen Luu as broker, who is adding real estate to the brokerage services after five successful years as Real Property Management Renfrew.

“It is remarkable to look back at when we first started in 2017 and to see what we have managed to accomplish in these five years,” says Luu. “Though I have always been involved in the real estate industry with family and friends, owning and operating Renfrew with Real Property Management afforded me to experience the real estate industry profoundly in so many ways”

Carla Browne, President of Real Property Management, knows the synergy between property management and real estate, having started in real estate herself at CENTURY 21 Dome before growing into her current role. By offering the services of both real estate and property management Karen is able to assist her clients through every step of their housing journey. Karen has a great amount of experience to draw from,” says Browne. “After having worked in the market from a different perspective, she has the local expertise and now represents two national brands to create a client experience like no other. We are very excited to see her brokerage grow with the addition of the CENTURY 21 Brand to her existing Real Property Management office.”

For Luu, working with CENTURY 21 Canada was the natural evolution of her own career. “CENTURY 21 Canada provides a lot of resources and support, and that allows for a lot of future planning and growth,” Luu says. “The technology that they provide is just what we need; all the resources are there to grow our office and our team.”

Luu has a lot of goals for CENTURY 21 Argos Realty’s growth, and in the immediate future, she plans to fully learn the programs and tech that CENTURY 21 Canada has to offer and share that knowledge with new agents. While she does have a goal of recruiting 15-20 new agents before the end of next year, her priority is quality over quantity. “We have a minimum number of agents in mind, but we also want to bring in agents who share our core values, and we’d rather go by fit than just trying to reach a certain number.”

“We’re so happy that Karen and her team have come on board, and we know that she has the perfect experience to helm her own brokerage,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “She has clear goals and a clear path forward and we are committed to providing all the support she needs to succeed, alongside the best technology programs in the business.”

Planning for future growth, Luu is considering the possibilities of new offices and locations in areas that align with the C21 Argos vision and values but for the more immediate term, her focus will be on continuing to service her core client base in Calgary and the surrounding areas. “When deciding on a name, I was inspired by the story of the diligent watcher giant with 100 eyes, Argos, in Greek Mythology. We connected with that. We want to be the ever-watching, oversized guardians for our clients, our owners, our buyers and our investors. We, at C21 Argos, will be those eyes ever watching the market and ever guarding our clients’ best interests”

CENTURY 21 Argos Realty opens in Calgary on July 1, 2021.

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