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Looking out for your best interest ®

For over 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians make great mortgage decisions.


The CENTUM network is one of the largest national mortgage broker brands in Canada. Our first CENTUM offices opened their doors in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick in 2002. Today, Centum Financial Group Inc. is proudly Canadian owned and operated by the Charlwood Pacific Group. CENTUM spans nearly 200 offices and over 2100 agents from coast to coast.


Our licensed mortgage professionals provide each client unparalleled financing options and local expertise from coast to coast. Customers have come to expect only the best from our team. We deliver this by understanding their goals and creating a smart home ownership plan to reach them.



It is safe to say: we have turned a corner! With innovation, work ethic, and continually making decisions with our network and customers in mind, we have taken CENTUM to a whole new level. We have switched our focus from trying to be the biggest, and instead be the most authentic. At the end of the day, our company is built on people and they are our number one priority.

Everyday we strive to work harder, smarter, and create relationships instead of transactions. CENTUM is a family business with franchises owned by families. Our customers are our friends, family members and neighbours, so integrity and trust is everything. At CENTUM, we are always looking out for your best interest.

We're here to make your business better

We know that your business is your baby, and just like taking care of a baby, your business can present special challenges and obstacles that can give you a bit of a headache.

Our National mortgage network offers you an unprecedented value proposition with the award-winning CENTUM brand that's backed by the Charlwood Pacific Group

At CENTUM, we provide you the value and stability you need to overcome these challenges while having peace of mind. We have your back!

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